Scalable, turnkey facial recognition solutions for any environment

Search a million records in milliseconds

With our combined deep and machine learning we are able to achieve higher accuracy and confidence levels in facial recognition than the competition. Using only a simple camera our software can achieve better results than any current commercial IR technology. TrackBio is faster than Iris scanning and more secure than IR technology.

Use any number of tags to track and categorize your clients. These tags can identify patterns in your business such as what age ranges are in which part of your store/place of business. These type of business analytics will help you better target advertising and can even be used to match salesman to customer. Have our deep learning software make connections for you and identify which trends will make you the most money.

How it works


  • Recognizes emotions(Happy, Sad, Angry, Crying, etc.,)
  • Accuracy of facial recognition rivals human ability
  • TrackBio can be configured quickly for local or cloud usage
  • Ultra-low bandwidth requirements, TrackBio can even work over 2G Networks
  • Simple to use API allows for easy integration and flexible deployment
  • Searches of over a million records are conducted in a matter of milliseconds
  • Automated real-time calibration of camera allows for plug and play installation in a variety of environments
  • Real-time face tracking allows for simple image acquisition
  • State of the art performance, over 99% accurate

Protect your students or employees anywhere

Automatic check-in at the entrance
Attendance system in classroom
Track students around campus
Help your employees feel secure






Sports Clubs



Crime Departments