with iFace Technology from BTBP

Intelligent Photo Capture and Facial Features Analysis

An intelligent photo capture widget with ability to auto-detect optimal conditions for analyzing skin features & facial analysis. Available for native and web experiences.

Works on Multiple Platforms & Multiple Devices

How to use this widget

  • Subscribe to license
    Contact customercare@btbp.org
  • SDK(Software Development kit) will be provided
  • Online documentation
    RESTful API with JSON format for easy data mining and easy account access across multiple devices
  • Develop application using the SDK
    Sample app code using the SDK will be provided for reference
  • Contact support@btbp.org for any queries

How it works

  • Instructions before capture
  • Switch between front & rear cameras
  • Upload from storage
  • Image quality check
  • Auto capture the best image
  • Quick preview
  • Upload to a cloud server
  • Analyzes skin care features
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Consumer data analytics

Measured Features

Faces A.I. Features

Face Detection

Identify a face or multiple faces and the coordinates of where they are located


Male or Female gender classification with confidence ratings.


Age classification into 9 distinct categories or descrete age.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type

The skin type based on the color/tone as defined by the Fitzpatrick scale of I-VI.

Lifestyle A.I. Features


User location by city & country.

UV Index

Levels of UV radiation from the sun at the time of photo capture.


Degree of air quality based on the presence of environmental pollutants and standards established by the EPA.