Sub micron void sensitivity

IRQuickScanTM Void Detection System

The IRQuickScanTM (IRQS) System utilizes a newly-developed, proprietary infrared detection scheme coupled with the powerful ClarityTM software platform to quickly characterize a variety of substrates for internal defects.

The IRQS System images any bonded wafer instantaneously, providing a detailed analysis that includes the location and classification of all defects associated with the bonding process. The BTBP Clarity SoftwareTM proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine, which is part of all BTBP Clarity products, locates all artifacts, classifies them, and produces a KLARF-like file, called the ClarityRF file.

Here is an output from the IRQS System taken when imaging a bonded pair of 200mm silicon wafers with embedded metal pads, which exhibits voids and inclusions from the bonding process as well as the strain fields associated with bonding. Below is an IRQS System 3D Viewer output from the far right side of the same bonded wafer pair showing the details of a metal pad and the large void adjacent to it. It should be noted that although metal pads exist within the bonded pair of silicon wafers the IRQS System is able to provide data in and around these pads.

In addition, the IRQS System is able to provide the strain field signature on metalized production test wafers as shown here.

Of course the IRQS System is an ideal production tool for the SiC chip manufacturing environment since it allows detailed analysis of substrate crystal defects and associated strain fields as shown here.

The core value which drives the design of our systems is EASE OF USE. But we didn't stop there, in fact we started with our proprietary patented imaging technology and built a full system around it. Then we added our core expertise in Artificial Intelligence.

The BTBP Clarity SoftwareTM can produce a variety of visual enhancements so that previously unseen defects can be accurately identified, located, and classified. No other system offers this capability, especially without the need to subject wafers to ultrasonic imaging.

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Out performs other systems in the market

Patented IRQS System

View voids clearly through IR

Multi Platform Software

Open platform to accommodate small to 300mm substrates

Automation customized for throughput & sample size

Clarity software for turnkey solution measurements to SEMI standards

Sub-micron for Voids & Strain Fields

Scanned with 17-bit depth in transmission scatter mode (1 part in 130,000)

100um pixel resolution

Standalone or automated

BOLTS configuration to SEMI standards for attachment to any EFFEM or process tool

Full wafer scan with 2-3mm edge exclusion

KLARF-like file output for location review capability

Turnkey recipe setup software

Lowest cost