Skills a developer require to use our SDK's.

Easily integrate DeepTag API’s to create powerful apps or to decode your images with just a few lines of code. Following skills are required for a developer to use our SDK’s to build custom apps.

  • Experience in web application development. (Experience in just hosting web content is not sufficient)
  • Thorough knowledge of programming using Java Script, AJAX, JSON, HTML and CSS.
  • Cookies and HTML web storage
  • Knowledge of web servers such as Tomcat or IIS deployment of apps, MIME types, application pools, etc.
  • Knowledge of browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc. on desktops and mobile devices.
  • Understanding the support level of various APIs on browsers.
  • Understanding images and their formats such as base64.
  • Ability to implement responsive web design.
  • Handling cross origin requests.
  • Managing secure HTTP (HTTPS with TLS) requests.
  • Experience in using troubleshooting and debugging tools and browser based developer tools.
  • View API Documentation