with iFace Technology from BTBP

Learn to prevent skin problems before they happen.

Recommend products by zone.

Find your clients breakouts and teach them where to clean/apply cream to avoid acne. Check your clients face for danger zones and teach them how to use your products to keep the chances of getting acne low. We can predict where wrinkles will develop over time using just a selfie. Use this information to help your clients choose your products to avoid fine lines, deep lines and sagging.

Works on Multiple Platforms & Multiple Devices

How to use this widget

  • Subscribe to license
    Contact customercare@btbp.org
  • SDK(Software Development kit) will be provided
  • Online documentation
    RESTful API with JSON format for easy data mining and easy account access across multiple devices
  • Develop application using the SDK
    Sample app code using the SDK will be provided for reference
  • Contact support@btbp.org for any queries

How it works

  • Instructions before capture
  • Switch between front & rear cameras
  • Upload from storage
  • Image quality check
  • Auto capture the best image
  • Quick preview
  • Upload to a cloud server
  • Analyzes predictive features
  • Predict and simulate skin changes by zone
  • Personalized product recommendations by zone
  • Consumer data analytics

Measured Features